78s – Bourbana

The Western Record Co. Bourbona 78s were robably issued in the mid to late 1930s.  They were ten-inch records with black labels with silver printing.  Indicated in the listings are pirated versions of these sides that are known to exist.

WR-711-A Sisters of Charity
WR-711-B Three Shop Girls

WR 712-A  My First Piece
WR 712-B  I’m in the Mood
“My First Piece” pirated as Hollywood Hot Shots 391A and Good Humor 7-B (WR-712-A)

WR-713-A  Her First Piece
WR-713-B  Low Brow Bourbon
“Her First Piece” pirated as Hollywood Hot Shots 381.
“Low Brow Bourbon” pirated as Hollywood Hot Shots 393.

WR-714-A  Gigolo
WR-714-B  Chiropractor’s Wife
“Gigolo” pirated as  Hollywood Hot Shots 382.  
“Chiropractor’s Wife” pirated as Hollywood Hot Shots 363 and on Party Record unnumbered (2538), High Society 501, Partee, and Novelty 103 as “The Masseur”.

WR-715-A Navy Day for Tessie
WR-715-B  Spanish
“Spanish” pirated on Hollywood Hot Shots 380 as “Spanish Passion”.

WR-716-A  Cocktail Time
WR-716-A  Forbidden Broadcast
“Cocktail Time” and “Forbidden Broadcast” pirated as unnumbered Hollywood Hot Shots 78’s.

WR-717-A  First Swimming Lesson
WR-717-B  Love Child
“First Swimming Lesson” pirated as Good Humor 10-B  (717) and on Party Record 500A as “Her First Lesson”.

X-019  Russian Refugee
X-020  Tennis Champ

X-021 The Trial of Carrie P. Potts – Part 1
X-022 The Trial of Carrie P. Potts – Part 2
This disc contains an older style vaudeville routine with Ray and an unidentified male as the “straight man”.  This might be Ray recreating one of his vaudeville routines with Bert Sherry.

X-023  King Arthur’s Knights
X-024  Strip Queen

David Diehl’s “Blue Pages” discography lists the following two sides, which are likely test pressings.  They would appear to be unreleased issues on Ray’s Bourbana label, fitting in with the sequence of matrix numbers.  No copies of this disc have surfaced to verify this as a release or an unreleased test pressing.  A copyright listing for “Shanghai Flo” from 1937 with Ray Bourbon listed as composer has been located.

Anonymous White Label (X-025) Shanghai Flo
Anonymous White Label (X-026) Singapore Lilly