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Ray Bourbon’s Wikipedia Page

Ray Bourbon Entries at the Internet Broadway Database

Ray Bourbon Entries at Playbill

Academic Works on Ray Bourbon

Two academic publications on Ray. by Don Romesburg, Sonoma State University, Women’s and Gender Studies.  See Don’s profile at academia.edu to find more writings on Ray.

Performing Femininity: Rae Bourbon and Christine Jorgensen Onstage
2011 senior thesis by Taylor Riccio in American Studies at Fordham.

Murder in Mink
Kliph Nesteroff’s overview of Ray’s life and work, later in included in his book on American comedians.

Charles C. Cage: Drag Queen Discography
Includes a page devoted to the work of Ray Bourbon, as well as many other of Ray’s contemporaries.

Ray Bourbon at Queer Music Heritage
Some photos of Ray and his records.  Other drag discographies are available at the site.

JT Sears Web Page on Ray Bourbon

Click the link for the “first person story” to see an excerpt from an oral history interview with a person who saw Ray perform in the 1960’s. (currently inactive)

The Closing of Finnochio’s

An article from a December 1999 issue of San Francisco Weekly on the closing of Finnochio’s, a venue where Ray performed in the 1930’s. (currently inactive)

Tribute to Avery Willard

Willard was a photographer who was a friend of Ray and produced photographs of Ray and other female impersonators in the 1960’s. (currently inactive)