78s – New Bourbon

New Bourbon records were recorded in Hollywood in the mid to late 1940s.  They feature Jack Burke on piano on most sides; some feature a harpist or small jazz band.  All are ten inch releases except where indicated.  Most feature a black label with silver printing, except where indicated.  The numbering of the issues is inconsistent.

100-A  Mrs. Tom Maynard’s Chickens
100-B  Mrs. Tom Maynard’s Dogs
Identified on the label as being by Bill Barclay, the record features Barclay in two routines with Ray.  Barclay was a friend of Ray’s in Hollywood who would make prank phone calls to Hollywood insiders and Ray discussed the pranks in his memoirs.  This disc recreates two of Barclay’s phone pranks with Ray playing the prank “victim”.

101-A  The Bourbon Motif
unnumbered – Bourbon to the Cleaners
101-B  Strong, Solid, Sensational
Copies have been seen of this record with either “The Bourbon Motif” or “Bourbon to the Cleaners” on the “a” side.  “Bourbon to the Cleaners” is unnumbered on the label, but has “109” in the matrix.

101 A  Gentleman’s Gentleman
101 B  The Rehearsal

102-A  Vacation in Nevada
102-B  Give, Sister, Give

102-A  (12″) Irma’s Week End (Part 1)
102-B  (12″) Irma’s Week End (Part 2)

103-A  Mr. Wong
103-B  Mrs. Bevington Swope

107  The Model
108  Sahara

110  Professor Yussell
113  Family Tree

201-A  I Had a Piece
201-B  We’ve Got to Have a Union

Album set Mid Nite with Ray Bourbon.  Includes the 78s for “The Raid” and “The Wedding”.  Autographed by Ray.  Image courtesy of Charles C. Cage.

AAA (12″). The Raid – Part 1
AAA (12″). The Raid – Part 2
Issued with a white label and black printing.

AAA (12″)  The Wedding – Part 1
AAA (12″)  The Wedding – Part 2
Issued with a white label and black printing.

New Bourbon – album set World’s Foremost Female Impersonators formerly of Finocchio’s of San Francisco

This ten-inch 78 record set sold at auction on eBay in 2015.  Only the first side of the set features Ray.  All sides have purple labels with silver printing.

135 – (Side 1) Bourbon Talks (Ray Bourbon)
125 – (Side 2) Chloe (Carol Davis with Jerry Tuber and his band)

123 – (Side 3) Tired (Jackie Maye with Jerry Tuber and his band)
122 – (Side 4) Porgy (Jackie Maye with Jerry Tuber and his band)

124 – (Side 5) Mr Morton (Johnnie Mangum)
130 – (Side 6) Permanent Wave (Johnnie Mangum)

134 – (Side 7) Taking in Tourists (Francis Russell)
115 – (Side 8) Just a Dame (Francis Russell)