78s – Liberty Music Shop

The Liberty Music Shop sides were listed by “party record” discographer David Diehl as being from two sessions in 1936 and 1940.

According to Diehl, the 200 series was listed in ledgers as by BOURBANAS (Ray Bourbon with Forrest and Wright) and recorded at the Decca Studios, New York City, 1936. The disc labels credit Ray Bourbon.

L-208  (75222A)  Chiropractor’s Wife
L-208  (75223A)  Gigolo

L-209  (7522)  Trombone Trixie
L-209  (75221A)  Her First Lesson 

According to Diehl, the 300 series feature Jack Burke at the piano and were recorded at Reeves Sound Studios in New York City in 1940. 

 L-318 (3439)  Bashful Cowboy
L-318 (3440)  Millie

L-319 (3442)  Bedtime Story Part 1
L-319 (3443)  Bedtime Story Part 2

L-320 (3444)  Spanish Opera
L-320  (3445-1)  Oriental Opera