78s – Miscellaneous

Miscellaneous, Unreleased, Pirated, and Misidentified Recordings

Unreleased Brunswick, ARC, Decca

These Brunswick recordings were supposedly spotted in Brunswick’s ledgers and later listed by “party record” discographer David Diehl.  Actual copies of the records, or pressing plates have never been found.  They’re listed in “Brunswick Records: Chicago and Regional Sessions” by Ross Laird, page 1329.

“SCOTCH & BOURBON, comic dialog.
Los Angeles, October 29, 1929, 11:00 am to 2:00 pm
LTR 236-A-B  Shopping with Ella “Brunswick Test”
LTR 237-A-B  Ella in Hollywood  “Brunswick Test”
Note:  The recording sheet shows that both selections are composed by Rae Bourbon, and this indicates the identity of one member of this duo.”

The following listings have also turned up in some discographies, but no other documentation for them has been found.  There is some confusion if these are A.R.C. or Decca masters.

LAT 973-A — I Want to Be Good
piano accp. Bart Howard (composer of ‘In Other Words’, a.k.a ‘Fly Me to the Moon’).  Recorded in Hollywood, 1935. 

LA 1082 – My Harmony Man
LA 1083 – My Swimming Lesson
Listed as by “Bourbanas” (Ray Bourbon with Forrest and Wright).  Recorded at the Decca Studios, New York, 1936.

Hi-Lite Records, Party Record

Though more typical of labels that pirated Ray’s records, these may be genuine authorized releases by Ray.  The titles have not turned up on Ray’s usual authorized labels.

Hi-Lite Records 103  Days of Yore

Party Record 515  When Knighthood Was in Flower  (same performance as “Days of Yore”)
Party Record 515  Air Raid Warden

Anonymous White Label

These sides have not been verified as being by Ray.  They may be pirates of Ray’s material under other titles.

Anonymous White Label (X 025) Shanghai Flo
Anonymous White Label (X 026) Singapore Lilly 

Anonymous White Label (24) Strip Tease Queen

“Armchair General” has been verified by Jared Marconi as not being by Ray.  “Ivan” may be a pirate of one of Ray’s releases, Imperial109-B (“When Ivan Stated Diving”).

Anonymous White Label 516 (A)–Armchair General
Anonymous White Label 516 (B)–Ivan

Neither of the following sides have been verified as actually being by Ray Bourbon.  The titles do not match or resemble other recordings by Ray.

Anonymous White Label BD-1–[You’ve Got to Feel That Thing Yourself]
Anonymous White Label BD-2–[Haggerty’s]

Hollywood Hot Shots, Good Humor, Party Novelty’s, Hi-Society

These are pirated or unauthorized reissues of Ray’s material. The tracks shown are verified as being by Ray; the other side of the recordings contain similar “party” numbers by other artists.   They were issued as anonymous releases.

Hollywood Hot Shots 338 (24)  Strip Tease Queen
Good Humor 17-A (24) Strip Tease Queen
Party Novelty’s (24)  Strip Tease Queen

Hi-Society Records (HS 502-B) The Masseur (reissue/pirate of “Chiropractor’s Wife”)