Credits and Thanks

There are many people who have encouraged my research on Ray Bourbon over the past few years. Below, I would like to thank some people who have provided materials and leads for this project.

David Diehl helped immensely in the early days of putting together a Ray discography with his online discographies of “party records”.

Jim Shulman in New York loaned me copies of Ray’s albums that I used for the original transfers now housed at Sara Hassan and Don Romesburg kindly contributed dubs of 78’s on cassette and Barry Hanson (aka Dr. Demento) provided digital dubs of several Ray Bourbon 78s and the Yes! It is Ray Bourbon lp.

Jared Marconi of San Francisco deserves special thanks for graciously providing digital dubs of many of Ray’s 78s for the new restorations and assistance with sorting out Ray’s 78 discography.

Collector “larry-bob” contributed a scan and information concerning the ultra-rare Best of Bourbon box set for the project.

Charles C. Cage, generously provided copies of articles, Ray’s trial testimony and several recordings, including a previously unreleased home recording of Ray.

Don Romesburg provided valuable information, articles, and recordings for the project.

Elin Woodger, a New York author who has written a volume on Ray’s composer friends George (Chet) Forrest and Robert Wright, shared some of her notes from her extensive interviews with Mr. Wright.

David McCain, a New York collector, provided some articles that initiated the research process.

J.D. Doyle graciously scanned labels and jackets of some of Ray’s LP’s for the project from his personal collection.

Finally, I would like to express my deepest appreciation to my good friends Stuart Norman, Sean Martin, Gil Fray, Jason Miller, and Carmen DeTitta III for their feedback and support over the years.