Released throughout the 1950’s and still available at least through the early 70’s, “UTC” was an abbreviation for “Under the Counter”.  The recordings were made by Ray and brought to the Variety Recording Studios in New York for mastering.  The LP’s were sold through mail order and to record dealers by Ray’s distributor, MMO (Music Minus One) Records, which produced practice albums for music students.

The first six releases in the series were ten-inch lp records.  They were re-released in twelve-inch versions at a later time, with most featuring additional tracks.  The labels were gold with black printing, except for a few early copies seen with white labels and black printing.  Covers vary on many of the early releases.

UTC 1 — An Evening in Copenhagen

The twelve-inch version of this album includes the track “Extended Play”; some ten-inch versions also include this track.  All tracks are dubs from Ray Bourbon 78s, with some edited for content.  “Extended Play”, about ten-inch versus twelve-inch records, is actually a short excerpt from the end of the original 78 release of “The Wedding”.

A few repressings of the twelve-inch version, possibly dating from the late 60s or early 70s, substitutes a re-recording of “Mr. Wong” heard on a later UTC release.

Both the ten inch and twelve inch versions of the album have been seen with various covers – one is in color and features a drawing of a unicorn and others feature a combination of Ray’s face attached to a cartoon of a police, and the most common has a photo of Ray on a street corner in New Orleans.

The “unicorn” cover pressing is rather uncommon.  Copies seen include white labels with no mention of Ray or UTC records on the cover or label, except in the “UTC-01” record number and matrix.  The “unicorn” cover discs are also pressed on styrene, rather than the usual vinyl.

The Wedding
Mr. Wong
Erma’s Weekend
The Raid
Mrs. Bevington Swope
A Gentleman’s Gentleman
Sisters of Charity
Extended Play

UTC 2 — You’re Stepping on My Eyelashes

A 10″ version of this album was released, omitting “Tom Thumb” and “The Party Line”.

Life Goes to a Party
Queen of the YMCA
Back in Drag Again
Queen of the Ballet
Tom Thumb
Peter Pan
The Family Tree
Queen of the Navy
I Must Have a Greek
The Party Line

UTC 3 — Don’t Call Me Madam

A 10″ version of this album was released, omitting “Tennessee” and “Country Ham”.

This LP, which is properly titled Ray Bourbon in Selections from ‘Don’t Call Me Madam’ appears to have been released in connection with Ray’s Carnegie Hall show Don’t Call Me Madam. All tracks, except for “Tennessee” and “Country Ham”, were included in the stage show.

The Neighbor’s Party
The Family (A Trilogy)
-Sunday Drive
-The Cafeteria
-Bed-Time Story
Country Ham

UTC 4 — A Girl of the Golden West

A 10″ version of this album was released, omitting “Pocahontis”.  There have been at least three variants of the cover for this album, with the most common featuring a photo of Ray.

To Hell With the Range
The Railroad’s Coming Thru
Horse Opera
Where Does the Difference Come In

UTC 5 — Bourbon 100-Proof

A 10″ version of this album was released, omitting “Spots”.  “Strong, Solid and Sensational” is listed on the reverse of most jackets and on many LP labels themselves, but has not been seen on the LP. “The New Neighbor” was previously recorded by Ray on 78 as “The Gossips”.  Two different covers are known for this album, with the most common featuring four photos of Ray and the rarer having a color drawing of liquor bottles and a photo of Ray.

An Oriental Opera
Sailor Boy
Hamlet’s Soliloquy
The Carpenter
The New Neighbor

UTC 6 — One on the Aisle (Claque-Claque)

This album was released in 10″ and 12″ versions with identical material.  “Sahara” is listed on LP jackets and labels of the 12″ version, but has not been seen on an actual copy of the LP.  “One on the Aisle” was the 12″ version of the album; “Claque-Claque” is the 10″ version.

The short running time of this disc (around 7 minutes for the first side and about 11 minutes for the second) has some collectors classifying it as an EP.

Toga Saga (A Greek Fantasy)
Brunhilde’s Emulsion-Orchids to Alice

UTC 50 — Best of Bourbon (Box Set)


This box set includes gold label 10″ versions of UTC 1-6.  The albums are contained in wax paper sleeves and UTC-1 includes the track “Extended Play”.  Inside the front cover of all copies is handwritten,  “Sexsationally Yours – Rae Bourbon – New York City – 6/15/56”.  Only a few copies of the set appear to exist.

UTC 7 — Let Me Tell You About My Operation

Issued in connection with Ray’s “sex change” hoax, the back cover of the album includes articles about the operation from Variety and the New York Journal-American.

Let Me Tell You About My Operation
Oh! Doctor
I’m in the Family Way
Mrs. Wiloughby Will Definately Object
When I Said, “No” to Joe
I Don’t Want to Be a Madam
The Piano Teacher
Telephone Girl at the Ritz

UTC 8 — Around the World in 80 Ways

On some LP jackets, this album is listed as including “Bourbon Goes Native”, but the track is not included on some copies.  On some jackets, “Mr. Wong” is referred to as “Shanghai” or “The Shanghai Gesture” in the track listings. 

Russian Refugee
Cleopatra and Her Asp
British Ways
The Stipend Must Rally ‘Round Here
Bourbon Goes Native
The Fortune Teller
Mr. Wong (aka “The Shanghai Gesture”, “Shanghai”)
Ponce De Leon
One for the Road

UTC 9 — Hollywood Expose

Bourbon Has Been to the Cleaners
The Last of the Bobby Soxers
When Yussel Gave Me Muscle in a Hustle
Dancers of Nature
My Petty-gree
Constance Isn’t Constant Anymore
She’s Only a Link in a Daisy Chain
When Knighthood was in Flower
Tessie, The Messy Extra

UTC 10 — Ladies of Burlesque

Some copies of this album have an alternate back cover advertising other UTC lp records by Ray.

Strip Queen
Parade Girl
Cocktail Time
Anne, Fanny, Tessie, Bessie & Flo
Old Mrs. Richbit
Three Girls at a Matinee
The Awkward Age