Performance Venues

The following was transcribed from the cover of Ray Bourbon’s album “A Trick Ain’t Always a Treat: – Recorded Live From the World Famous Jewel Box” (The New Jewel Records, Kansas City, Missouri). While it cannot be verified if Ray played all of the locations mentioned in this list, he was a regular figure on the nightclub circuit and in vaudeville houses throughout the United States during his forty year career. 

The list, which Ray seemed to have used for promotional purposes several times late in his career, is a record of many Gay nightspots that long ago closed their doors and gives an impressive glimpse into the varied geographic locations where venues for comedians such as Ray existed at the time. There was more to Gay life than New York and San Francisco in the decades before Stonewall.

This is The World of Rae Bourbon

as “Florian” in Catherine Was Great from 1945 to 1947
as “Bowery Rose” in Diamond Lil from 1948 to 1950 

Rae Bourbon enjoyed unique billing in the above Mae West Productions. You may have seen him in one of the following places … 

Albuquerque, New Mexico — The Silver Slipper
Atlanta, Georgia — The Imperial Lounge 

Boston, Massachusetts — The Mayfair, The Schubert Theatre

Baltimore, Maryland — Stacy’s Bar, Ford’s Theatre (sans Lincoln)

Buenos Aires, Argentina — La Cuaga 

Cairo, Egypt — Bishop’s Club 

Central City, Colorado — Emmy Wilson’s “Glory Hole”, The Central City Opera 

Chicago, Illinois — 100 Club, Cafe Society 

Cleveland, Ohio — Hanna Theatre 

Command Performance — for Edward, King of England at Belvedere Castle, England 

Deadwood City, South Dakota — Clara’s Place 

Denver, Colorado — The Zanzibar, The Rendezvous 

Havana, Cuba — Hotel Nacional 

Hollywood, California — Rendezvous, Rue Angel, Charlie Foy’s, Ivar Theatre

Hong Kong — L’Oriente Club 

Idaho Falls, Idaho — Cheerio Club 

Istanbul, Turkey — Semitar 

Juarez, Mexico — The Submarino, Molino Rojo

Kansas City, Kansas — Dante’s Inferno, Lusco’s Stork Club 

Key West, Florida — The Tropics, The Preview Lounge 

Las Vegas, Nevada — The Blue Heaven 

London, England — “Paradise Club” – 81 Regent Street 

Madrid, Spain — Command Performance at the “Teatro Lyrico”

Miami, Florida — Blackamoor Room, Cornet Lounge, Cork Club and Delicate Franks

Memphis, Tennessee — Silver Slipper

Mexico City, Mexico — Casanova, Magnola’s San Souci, Palace of Fine Arts 

New Orleans, Louisiana — Mardi Gras, Sugar Bowl, Dixie’s Bar of Music

New York, New York — Blue Angel, La Vie Parisienne, Park Avenue

Paris, France — Frolics 

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania — Forrest Theatre 

Phoenix, Arizona — Roy’s, Kay’s Happy Landing 

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania — Carnival Lounge, Nixon Theatre 

Portland, Oregon — Clover Club, Civic Theatre 

Reno, Nevada — Belle Livingston’s Cow Shed 

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil — Del Sol 

Salt Lake City, Utah — Coon Chicken Inn 

San Diego, California — P.M. House 

San Francisco, California — Drift Inn, Chi Chi, La Parisienne, Finocchio’s 

Santa Barbara, California — Lober Theatre 

Seattle, Washington — Town Ranch, The Garden of Allah 

Shanghai, China — “Little Club” on Bubbling Well Road 

St. Louis, Missouri — Manger Roof, Gaiety Theatre, American Theatre

Tucson, Arizona — Cotillion Room, La Jolla 

Vancouver, BC — The Cave 

Washington, DC — The National Theatre”