78s – Imperial


Of no relation to the later rhythm and blues label, the Ray Bourbon Imperial sides were recorded in Hollywood in the early to mid-1940s. Some included accompaniment by Joey Melborn.  The releases were 10″ records, except where indicated.  Labels for most were black with silver printing, except for the 500 series, which were red with silver printing.

100-A (X3)  Susie
100-B (X2)  Family Tree

101-A (X3)  Sarah From Sahara
101-B (X4)  Man’s Man

102-A Vacation in Nevada
102-B Give, Sister, Give

103-A  My Ace in the Hole
103-B  Three Guesses

104-A  Fountain of Youth
104-B  Tessie

105-A  Take a Lei (also seen as “Take a Lay”)
105-B Chief Peanut Stand

106-A Sunday Ride Part 1
106-B Sunday Ride Part 2

107-A  Gland Opera
107-B To Hell with the Range

108-A Hollywood Appendicitis
108-B Hollywood Drive-In Storehouse

109-A Mrs. Willouby Objects
109-B Since Ivan Started Div’in’

110-A My First Piece
110-B My Last Piece

110-A (12″) Country Ham
110-B (12″) Forty-Five

112-A  Orchids to Alice
112-B  Queen of the Navy

113-A (12″) The Piano Teacher – Part 1
113-B (12″) The Piano Teacher – Part 2
This disc was advertised in an Imperial flyer as “available soon” and is listed as by Robert Wright, Ray’s accompanist.  No copy of the disc has been found.

114-A  Jeannie with the Light Brown Hair
114-B  Sex Makes the World Go ‘Round

117-A  (12″)  The Gossips (Part 1)
117-B  (12″)  The Gossips (Part 2)
A one-sided unlabeled Allied vinyl test pressing is known for 117-A, in addition to released shellac copies of this record.

118-A  Nero
118-B Constance

300-A  Forbidden Broadcast
300-B  Strip Queen
“Forbidden Broadcast” is a repressing of Bourbana WRC-716B.

500-A  Morning (Part 1)
500-B  Morning (Part 2)

500-C  Afternoon (Part 1)
500-D  Afternoon (Part 2)

500-E  Evening (Part 1)
500-F  Evening (Part 2)

5X-A Dinnertime Part 1
5X-B  Dinnertime Part 2