Performance Venues Page Updated

I've just updated the Performance Venues on the site, listing all of the documented places Ray appeared, year by year, during his career. At least, these are the venues I've been able to document so far, based on newspaper and magazine ads, reviews, and articles.  The material has been drawn from my research library over … Continue reading Performance Venues Page Updated

Restoring Ray Bourbon’s Recorded Legacy: An Update

In the 1990s, when I first began researching Ray’s life and work, I got copies of most of his recordings from various collectors, mostly on cassette tape.  I also dubbed all of his lp recordings to digital.  These were briefly released on cd through a “print on demand” service.  When that service folded, I offered … Continue reading Restoring Ray Bourbon’s Recorded Legacy: An Update

Research on Ray, Summer 2019

Research on Ray has been an ongoing process over the past twenty-five years, sometimes with fits and starts and often with long periods where nothing turns up. Here’s an overview of what I’m currently researching about Ray and leads I’m following this summer.  If you have any ideas on places to look or resources to … Continue reading Research on Ray, Summer 2019

Welcome to the New Ray Bourbon Site!

For over twenty years, I maintained a section of my personal website devoted to Ray Bourbon.  Over time, the site, which was originally hand-coded in HTML, became cumbersome to update and change. Now, with some possible new projects opening up concerning Ray and with new information coming to light about Ray more frequently, I decided … Continue reading Welcome to the New Ray Bourbon Site!